Gamer Gloves™

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Gamer Gloves™

Gamer Gloves™

209 reviews
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Seamlessly combine innovative science and everyday gaming with Gamer Gloves™.


blue checkmark Aim Like The Pros
Improved blood flow to fingers enhances twitch reflexes for fast paced gaming, while the added elasticity allows for laser precision with fine movements of your analog sticks.
blue checkmark No More Pain
Innovative compression science that reduces pain, soreness, and discomfort in your hands, wrists, and fingers.
blue checkmark High-Performance Design
Breathable, non-slip material wicks away sweat so you can keep your hands firmly on the controls.


These aren't just claims. Our gloves are backed by countless scientific studies and reviews by trusted and accredited sources.



Gamer Gloves Size Chart




How do I measure my hand for accurate sizing?
Measure in a circle around your hand around your knuckles at the base of your fingers. Then, using our sizing chart above, select the size closest to this measurement. If you are unable to measure around your entire hand, you may measure across your knuckles and then double that number for an approximate measurement.
Do Gamer Gloves help with hydrosis/sweaty palms?
Yes! Gamer Gloves fix both symptoms and causes of hydrosis. The gloves act as a barrier between your hands and the controller in order to maintain a firm, dry grip. In addition, the compression of the gloves helps to calm the anxiety that causes sweaty palms. This is the same science used in weighted blankets (think of it like a soft hug for your hand)!
Will the material of the Gloves cause my hands to slip off my controller?
No, the material is not slippery when interacting with the controller. By keeping the fingertips of the gloves open, you are able to maintain a firm grip. However, if grip is a concern for you, we make Gloves with Grips as well.
Are my Gloves machine washable?
Yes, Gamer Gloves are machine washable. We recommend using low heat or air drying, as you do not want to shrink them. The fit should be tight from the first day.
How long do Gamer Gloves take to ship?
Our shipping times are approximately 7-12 days to North America and most of Europe. Some remote locations may take slightly longer. Please allow 1-3 days for our fulfillment center to process your order. If you would like to know how long it takes to ship to your location, please contact us.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
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Marc W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Got for step son

He loves them and he wears all the time

Jorge A.
Mexico Mexico

I love them!

I was afraid that the gloves never arrive where I live however they arrived 5 minutes ago and I love them, they are a little tight but still really cool. If anyone is reading this, buy them, you won't regret it! I recommend you to buy a size a little bigger than your actually size btw. 10/10 IGN. 100% Rotten tomatoes.

Rashaun G.
United States United States

The New Model With Grips is Insane!

Just grabbed a pair of the new Gamer Gloves with Grips on the palms, and they're amazing. The grips help keep a good hold of my controller. I never noticed how my hand would slightly drift away from where it needed to be when playing. The grips help me stay locked in place where I need to be. The compression is still just as effective as the original model as well - my hand soreness has gone away completely.

Michael B.
United States United States

So Comfortable!

Don't have a single bad thing to say about my Gamer Gloves. The microfiber material is super high quality. The compression is comfortably snug. You can immediately feel the soothing comfort as soon as you put them on. They also move extremely well with my fingers - I never feel that my range of movement is impeded. I wear them every day, whether I'm gaming or just working in my office.

Andy D.
United States United States

A Must-Have Accessory

These gloves completely changed the game for me. There has been a noticeable improvement in my aim on both Warzone and Fortnite. At long range, the gloves keep your fingers from drifting and moving you off target. I can't imagine playing without them!


I had to completely stop playing League of Legends a year ago due to severe wrist pain from long gaming sessions. I got my Gamer Gloves about a month ago and haven't had a problem since!

Chris K.

As a professional FPS player on console, I am constantly dealing with crackly, sore fingers. With Gamer Gloves, I can play 12 hour Warzone tournaments with zero discomfort!

Seth A.

I love my Gamer Gloves!! Super light and breathable, but still tight enough to provide cloud-like comfort to my fingers. Every gamer needs these!

Gwen U.

My K/D has literally doubled since I got my Gamer Gloves. The compression keeps your hands warm and responsive, and the elastic material really sharpens your small adjustments when aiming.

Jordan S.
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