Starter Kit V2 Bundle

Starter Kit V2 Bundle

Starter Kit V2 Bundle

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The perfect Starter Kit for a high performance, pain-free gaming experience!

The Starter Kit V2 Bundle contains:

1x Dexterity Trainer

1x Gamer Glasses™

1x Gamer Gloves™ V2 w/ Performance Grips


I had to completely stop playing League of Legends a year ago due to severe wrist pain from long gaming sessions. I got my Gamer Gloves about a month ago and haven't had a problem since!

Chris K.

As a professional FPS player on console, I am constantly dealing with crackly, sore fingers. With Gamer Gloves, I can play 12 hour Warzone tournaments with zero discomfort!

Seth A.

I love my Gamer Gloves!! Super light and breathable, but still tight enough to provide cloud-like comfort to my fingers. Every gamer needs these!

Gwen U.

My K/D has literally doubled since I got my Gamer Gloves. The compression keeps your hands warm and responsive, and the elastic material really sharpens your small adjustments when aiming.

Jordan S.
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